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Written by Jerry Singer

Illustrated by Meg Owenson

fishie 2.png

Jerry Singer Books presents

Punch by Jerry Singer

The Bookshop

About Punch

Punch- a pompous, jowly, elderly fish- recounts his glorious past when he perceived himself to be the center of attention at Madame Rothschild’s beloved villa in the south of France. Will his reminiscence be able to bring back his vivacious energy? A beautiful read for all ages, the book is a unique approach at learning French history through the eyes of a fish. Complete with a glossary to assist with more advanced vocabulary.


"Both of my children really enjoyed the story and the pictures. It was really refreshing to read a children's story that didn't speak down to the reader. I also found it intriguing and informative. I have searched for other books he has written, but unfortunately couldn't find any. I hope he writes more."


"Punch is such an original story and so creative and magical. It’s unlike any other children's book I know. Its a great story and actually very appealing to people of all ages!"

Julie McDonald

"A timeless tale..."

Ellen Perry

"Punch is a picture book with heart. Based on real-life experience, the author, Jerry Singer, has used his international travel to create an interesting and lively setting for his book, and his parenting skills as a storyteller to begin his series of fish tales. Beautiful illustrations by U.K.’s Meg Owenson complement the story and are a highlight in the book. An Afterword and section titled 'Omissions' create back matter for the story. A glossary helps with vocabulary used in the text. An attractive 8 ½” by 11” book with a delight of fantasy and a curious poisson seeking answers to why he’s where he is and how he got there."

Connie Heckert, Children's Book Author

"A great story with a great message! Now my girls want a "Punch" of their own. I highly recommend this book!"

PJ Morra

"I truly enjoyed reading this book. It’s super witty, imaginative, it has a lot of depth, excellent quotes, and remarkably beautiful language. It made me laugh a lot - it's somewhat bizarre - and I mean that in the most positive way! It's the perfect combination between cute and intriguing."

Happy Customer

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